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We are also wholesale suppliers of succulents, balsamics & olive oils to companies across Canada PLUS we keep our city shop stocked full of fun and interesting things...spices, food, lots of unique candy ...and of course our beautiful SUCCULENTS

Current Spring/Summer 2020 Classes, Pricing & Registration


In the spirit of social distancing, for the foreseeable future we will be limiting class enrollment size at the Avalon shop to allow significant distance between attendees. We will limit class size to 4 people in the Avalon shop. However, we will increase the frequency of them. We will also limit the class sizes at the acreage (where we  have lots of space) to insure that there is more than the recommended social distancing space for all attendees. We continue to follow updates and recommendations from Health Canada and the City of Saskatoon. Their directions will guide us in decisions related to our shop and classes moving forward. We vigilinty clean surface areas and items at Avalon every few hours. We have hand sanitizer available for your use and we encourage all people visiting our shop to use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit from the shop. Feel free to wash your hands with soap and water in our washroom. For the foreseeable future, we will suspend sampling of balsamics and food items. As well, we will begin classes at the acreage in May where we have social distancing space o-plenty. We also have closed the restaurant so the MYOP will no longer be available in combination with classes at the acreage. We will reassess the acreage (and Avalon) classes as we advance into May and beyond. Please check back frequently.

Click here to see pics and info of our current spring/summer 2020 classes. Scroll down on this page for registration info, dates, pricing and location of all classes.

We offer a variety of classes at our Avalon shop and at our acreage near Pike Lake throughout the year.

At both locations, we offer public classes (preset dates and times for which you can register individually or as a group) and we can also arrange private classes (for groups of 5 or more).

Some classes (eg. bread baking) are only offered at our acreage, but most classes are available at both locations.

If you have selected a class at the acreage and would like to enjoy a beverage during the class, come a bit early and head to the restaurant bar to order. Our sangria pitchers are very popular and can easily be shared among 4 or 5 people - or not - if you're thirsty! We are fully licensed.

It's SO easy to register for a *PUBLIC CLASS!

Our spring/summer PUBLIC classes run from April to August. Watch this space for our fall/Christmas classes which are held September to Christmas. We can arrange to do PRIVATE classes at both the acreage and Avalon shop anytime of year (see below). Our winter classes are offered in January and February.

To register, first choose a date and class location from the list below. Then click on this link (or the link below) to send us an email. In the subject line write "REGISTER FOR A PUBLIC CLASS" and in the email include your name, phone number, the number of people that will be joining you (if any), the class name, date, location (either acreage OR Avalon).

Sample pictures & descriptions of all of the current class projects can be seen by clicking here.

No need to prepay for the class. You can just pay when you arrive.

*PRIVATE CLASSES can be arranged any day of the week (morning, afternoon or evening) for groups of 5 (up to 120). The private class fee is $5 more per person than the public class fee. If you have less that 5 people in your group, a private class can still be arranged as long as 5 projects are made or purchased. For example, if there are 4 in your group, one person could make 2 projects or one person could buy the demonstration project for a total of 5 purchases. We can arrange a private class through email as well. CLICK HERE and write 'ARRANGE A PRIVATE CLASS' in the subject line.

CURRENT 2020 SPRING/SUMMER CLASSES AT THE ACREAGE  - for classes at the AVALON shop SCROLL DOWN (fall/Christmas classes will be posted in August 2020). For class pictures and more info go to the "Current Spring/Summer 2020 Class Pictures and Info" page and be sure to click on the pictures. Please note that the MYOP is no longer available at the acreage. We have closed the restaurant for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19.

  • Succulent Bowl Class at the acreage (your choice of bowl size small terra cotta pot 34.50 or large terra cotta bowl 54.50)- Saturday May 9, Sunday May 10 (Mother's Day), Monday May 18 (Victoria Day), May 23, 30, June 13,  20, Sunday June 21 (FATHER'S DAY), 27, July 4, 11 and 18. All classes begin at 1 pm.
  • Cactus Pot (aka Prickles and Stings) at the acreage (44.50) - Saturday, May 16 or 17 - 1 pm.
  • Living Wall Class at the acreage ($125) - Saturday May 2 and Sunday June 7 at 1 pm.
CURRENT 2020 SPRING/SUMMER PUBLIC CLASSES AT THE AVALON SHOPfor classes at the ACREAGE and in North Battleford scroll down (fall/Christmas classes will be posted in August 2020): For class pictures and more info go to the "Current Spring/Summer 2020 Class Pictures and Info" page and be sure to click on the pictures.

  • Succulent Bowl Class  at Avalon (your choice of bowl size - choose either a small terra cotta pot (34.50) or large terra cotta pot (54.50) - May 13, 27, June 10, 24, July 15, 22 and 29 all at 6 pm.
  • "You Know the Schpiel Deal" Non-Class at the Avalon shop - (small pot 34.50 or large bowl 54.50 - Wednesday, May 20th, Tuesday, June 16th and 30thAll at 6 pm.
  • Cactus Pot (aka Prickles and Stings) Class at Avalon (44.50) - Wednesday, July 15 at 6 pm

  • Succulent Bowl Class (your choice of bowl size - small terra cotta pot 34.50 or large terra cotta bowl 54.50) - Wednesday May 6, June 3, 17 and July 8 all at 7 pm.
SEND US AN EMAIL to register -


All of our succulent CLASSES (and some bread baking too) are fun and educational

Be a maker - MAKE and TAKE Home Your Artistic Creation

We offer our classes at both locations - SolarGardens@Avalon and Solar Gardens - the acreage

Visit the Spicery at our Avalon location

We always have a fab selection of pre-potted succulent arrangements in a variety of sizes at Avalon's what we do

We do custom plantings too!


now you can make our most popular drink at home

pick up the mixes at our Avalon shop then just add wine (or club soda), ice and fruit

Our living walls are simply..."UP"standing

We offer living wall classes in the spring and summer

OR we can make them for you anytime of the year

All of our Tasting Studio products are now available at our Avalon location (no longer available at the acreage)

Go crazy sampling over 30 extra virgin oils and 80 balsamics

For a complete list of all the balsamics and extra virgin olive oils we carry hop on over to our Avalon shop website

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We supply wholesale succulents to greenhouses and shops across Canada

If you have a business and are interested in buying wholesale from our greenhouse just give us a shout. Send us an email via the CONTACT US form at the bottom of this page. We will then redirect you to our wholesale website and provide you with the password.

Gift Certificates that never expire

You can use your gift certificate for anything and everything Solar Gardens at both locations - succulents, classes, the city shop, booking a private party, the Firestick Cafe, the Tasting Studio and the Avalon Spicery

You can purchase in person at the acreage OR the city shop OR via email by using the CONTACT US form at the bottom of this page

Fresh Ideas

Roger and Chris are even now dreaming of ways to bring more of their passions to their customers: adding new classes for every season, a city shop and unique finds, as well as expanding their surprising garden oasis.

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Consider our Succulent Arrangement Fundraising opportunities.

Are you looking for a fundraising opportunity for your club, charity, group or organization?

If so, talk with us about purchasing bulk succulent arrangements that your club can then resell at a profit.

Depending upon the size of the succulent arrangement purchased from us, you can anticipate 5 to 25 dollars (or more for larger arrangements) profit per arrangement sold.

We often arrange seasonal pots and so seasonal arrangements may be available for bulk purchase (eg. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving...).

You will need to forward proof that you are a bona fide club, charity or organization.

The minimum number of succulent arrangements per bulk sale is 25.

Email us to learn more - or click here to fill out the CONTACT US form.

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  • ACREAGE HOURS: The acreage GREENHOUSES & FIRESTICK CAFE are closed permanently to the general public but remain open for pre-booked classes, parties and special days for the public to visit. We'll announce special days on our Facebook pages and in our newsletters. SOLAR GARDENS AT AVALON SHOP HOURS: *****CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE****WILL RE-OPEN WHEN ALL THIS CRAZINESS PASSES****STAY HEALTHY Located at 2605 Broadway Avenue in Bays 1, 2 & 3 in the Avalon Shopping Centre at the east end of the mall. Open year-round 6 days a week. OPEN Monday thru Saturday - 10 AM TO 6 PM HOLIDAY HOURS: Open Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve 10 to 6 Closed all stat holidays