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Welcome to the website of Solar Gardens, our charming little Solar Gardens shops (with bakeries), now with 2 convenient locations in Saskatoon. We just added (mid-August 2022) a new cafe to our business called TREATS. It is also located in the Lawson Heights Mall. We are a locally owned and operated business, established in 2005.

While we are perhaps best known for our beautiful succulents and succulent bowl classes (and now succulent class kits you can do at home), we are also very pleased to carry delicious and varied balsamic vinegars and olive oils, exotic spice blends from around the world, flavoured maple syrups, unusual candies and chocolates, our own delicious sangria line, puzzles, paint by numbers, giftware and way, way more. Explore this website to learn more about our succulents, unique and exciting products.

Our newest addition to our product line is the Solar Gardens Copper Kettle Fudge Company. We make our fudge in the Avalon shop in a copper kettle using real butter. You can pop in to sample anytime.

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And please note: Our Acreage is now permanently closed to the general public, except for registrants in one of our private or public classes..

Effective April 2020 we have permanently closed our acreage greenhouses and restaurant  to the general public and so the acreage is no longer available, shopping, events, bookings or dining. Thank you for all your wonderful support of our acreage and restaurant over the years. It has been a great and challenging adventure. We plan to write a book about our non-stop, unbelievable, fantastic journey someday....with lots of pictures....and recipes...why not? Thankfully, our memories are very, very long!

Our acreage will now focus solely on the greenhouse production of quality succulents for our 2 city shops and our wholesale clients across Canada. In spring 2024 we will begin once again be having public and private succulent classses at the acreage.

We are very happy to say that all of our wonderful products are now available through our Avalon & Lawson Heights Mall shops. We hope you can pop by both locations from time to time to check out our ever changing products and beautiful succulents. And while at Lawson (if you're hungry and would like to try one of our delish home-made soups, thin crust made-to-order pizzas or paninis or calzones, fresh pasta made by our Italian chefs or needing a latte with a home-made dessert or ice cream), try to find time to make your way down to TREATS!