*indicates NEW FLAVOURS for 2021*

All our oils, balsamics and specialty vinegars are hand-filled in a standard 200ml dark green coloured glass bottle, corked and shrink banded (in one of our two Public Health Authority approved facilities).

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar* - Apple Cider Flavoured Vinegar is slightly sweet, with an apple flavour. It is a naturally fat free and cholesterol free food. It is also a key ingredient in many sauces, marinades, meat dishes and salad dressings, and is also a good substitute for rice vinegar in many Asian recipes.
  2. Berry Basil Fruit Vinegar* - Starting with hand-picked raspberries and organic farm-grown basil, this vinegar is always delicious on salads, as a chicken marinade or reduced and poured over Brie.
  3. Champagne Vinegar - Solera aged dark balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy is blended with sparkling white french champagne vinegar. With an acidity of 6%, it adds a tart kick to many applications such as vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces. 
  4. Honey Serrano Vinegar* - This vinegar is delicious and distinct, and adds mellow spicy-honey flavour to salads, pan sauces for roasted meats, seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes. Can be used in place of traditional grape-based balsamic vinegar. Makes a great addition to salsa, Ceviche, Bloody Marys & shrimp. Delicious drizzled over sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Add to dressings for leafy green, potato, pasta and rice salads. Toss with sliced strawberries and a grinding of black pepper for a delicious dessert.
  5. Lime & Ginger Fruit Vinegar* - A citrus splash of flavour with a kick of ginger, which is perfect in Asian cooking or in a fruit salad. Or try in a cocktail.
  6. Sherry Reserva Vinegar - Has a true sherry flavour. It tastes of ripe fruit and nuts, and is delicately balanced by tangy acidity. Enjoy its' intensity as a dressing for greens, warm salads or as an outstanding reduction sauce.
  7. VR Aceti Estate Organic Apple Cider Vinegar* - Enjoy this new apple cider vinegar made by VR Aceti, an organic producer from Modena, Italy. Natural organic raw apple cider vinegar is one of nature’s most perfect foods. Made from fresh, organic crushed apples, which mature naturally in wooden barrels. Perfect for pairing with many different foods as it is very versatile. The vinegar and apple counterbalance one another, providing a nice, sugary aftertaste that compliments the dish instead of covering it. Use it to enhance the flavouyr of green vegetables, slaw, sweet or spicy cheeses, and fruits.
  8. VR Aceti Estate Organic White Wine Vinegar* - Enjoy this new white wine vinegar made by VR Aceti, an organic producer from Modena, Italy. Try using this nice light white wine vinegar as a component of a vinaigrette (try mixing with our Dill EVOO and honey); or create a classic French Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce.
  9. White Wine Vinegar* - White wine vinegar, as its name implies, is vinegar made from white wine. Wine vinegars tend to be milder and less acidic than cider or white distilled vinegar. Used mostly in dishes with chicken, fish, and pale green vegetables. It makes a great addition to sauces, salad dressing, and marinades.